Take Back Your Power: Table of Contents

"Take Back Your Power: A Working Woman's Response to Sexual Harassment," by Jennifer Coburn

Introduction A brief history of sexual harassment policy; The aims of my book; The choice we face; For you and for tomorrow's working women; At the kitchen table; Taking responsibility.

1. My Story False diplomacy; The harassment intensifies; No way back; A point of support; Psychological trauma; Launching the lawsuit; Pitfalls along the legal road; Turning the tide; Victory.

2. What is Sexual Harassment? Bartering for sex; Unwanted sexual advances; Verbal conduct; 'Sweetheart'; Hostile environment; Physical conduct; Visual conduct; Flashing; 'That look'; Bystander harassment; The last straw; Who gets sexually harassed?; Who harasses?; Which professions are plagued with sexual harassment?; 'Good girls' don't get harassed; 'Why harass a lesbian?'; The bunny issue; Where are we today?; What can we do?; Political action.

3. Why Men Harass Preservation of economic status; History and herstory; It's everywhere; Victims of abuse; Impotence; Sexual harassment--a woman's problem?; 'They just don't get it'.

4. Now What? Confrontation; Assertiveness; A failed idea; Proceed with caution; Keep a journal; Collecting evidence; Finding witnesses; Tracking down the formerly harassed.

5. Breaking the Silence The Anita factor; The personal and the pragmatic; Be heard!; Silence and intimidation; Silence as a symptom; Positive silence; Writing; What is our tolerance for pain?; The importance of self-esteem; Ten ways to build your self-esteem.

6. How to File a Complaint Create a file on yourself; Write a letter to the harasser; 'Where will I go? What will I do?'; What can you expect from an employer; Prevention; Investigation; Remedial action; Warning; Deceptive corporate remedies; Taking your complaint outside the company; Two things to remember at the department.

7. Reactions from Friends, Family & Co-Workers Why don't you just quit and find a new job?; Why did you take so long to report it?; Now, now, don't you think you're making a big deal over nothing?; Maybe you gave him mixed signals; What were you doing at the office at that time of night?; What were you wearing?; Maybe the poor guy is just lonely; He's just trying to be nice and give you a compliment; You'll get a reputation as a troublemaker; Victim-blaming; Why blame the victim?; Backlash; Understanding the dynamics of your relationships; Lag-time.

8. Do You Need a Therapist? Who's who; How to find a good doctor; What goes on in a therapy session?; Practical matters; When to discontinue therapy.

9. Agencies that will Help You The walking-fingers tour; Reference check; Yellow Pages classifications that can help you.

10. Case Studies She's part of the deal; She's no Sigma Chi sweetheart; She dated her boss; She must be mistaken; She's a stripper.

11. Filing a Lawsuit Find the right attorney; Obtain the right to sue; Waiting; Your psychological evaluation; Your deposition; The settlement conference; Your day in court; Do's and Don'ts.

12. Forgiveness Who to forgive; How to forgive.

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