Love and Politics: Table of Contents

"Love and Politics: Radical Feminist and Lesbian Theories," by Carol Anne Douglas

1. Defining Ourselves Psychological Analysis; Class and Race; Is Feminism for All Women?; Methods in Feminist Theory; Diverse Theories.

2. The Sources of Feminist Theory African-American Movements; Existentialism, Anarchism, Marxism; Beauvoir's Existentialism; Anarchism and Feminism; Marxism and Radical Feminism; Theory Under Fire.

3. Against Gender Simone de Beauvoir: Ambiguous Cause; Firestone: Origins of 'Otherness'; Differences Not Innate; Atkinson: Male Behavior is the Enemy; Female Culture; Early Daly and Dworkin.

4. Male Biology as a Problem Davis: Males as Mutants; Johnston: Separate Species; SCUM: Man, the Incomplete Female; Man: The Violent Ape; Away from Androgyny; Androgen and Aggression; Cavin: Too Many Men; Woman the Natural; Daly: More on Sex Difference.

5. Men and Women: Same Species Cultural Doesn't Mean Biological; Biology as Creativity; Original Harmony; Woman: a Bargain Commmodity; Woman the Artifice; Beauvoir and Scarcity; The Biological and the Social Interact; History: Cycle or Progress?; Can the Oppressed Oppress?

6. Love: Can it be Good? Beauvoir: From Flawed to Authentic Love; Beauvoir: Institution of Intercourse; Firestone: Men Can't Love; Atkinson: Love is for Victims; Pro-Love Radical Feminists; Only Lesbians Can Love; Love as a Political Bond, or as Friendship; The Maternal Model.

7. Sex: Will it Exist After the Revolution? Intercourse is for Men; Sex Drive to Disappear; Celibacy as an Option.

8. Lesbianism as a Politics Negative Perceptions of Lesbianism; Atkinson on Lesbianism; Lesbian Self-Definition; The Lesbian: Woman Prime or Beyond Woman; Criticism of 'Lesbian Superiority'.

9. The Critique of Heterosexuality Lesbian Critiques; Rejecting the Male Model; Anger at Heterosexual Women; Heterosexuality as Compulsory; Lesbian Invisibility; Conscious Choice; Heterosexual Feminists React; Changing Sexuality; Feminists of Color on Sexuality; The Critique Continues.

10. Realignment in Feminist Sexual Politics Butch/Femme Relations; Sadomasochism; The Sexual Libertarian Position; Sexy Roles; Pornography; Response to the Sexual Libertarian Argument.

11. Love and Freedom Love, Sex Still Problems; Asking How to Love Well; Female Friendship.

12. What is the Goal, Anyway? Beauvoir: Independence; Self-Determination and Integration; Atkinson: Self-Justifying Life; Women's Rule; Lesbians for Self-Determination; Ending the Class; Integrative Feminism.

13. Strategies and Tactics: Taking Power? Feminist Concepts of Power; What is 'Reform'?; Alternatives, Not Confrontation; Do Some Tactics Reinforce Male Dominance?; The Danger of Male-Defined Politics; Strategically-Minded Feminists; Atkinson; Brown on Activism; Changing Sex Ratios as a Strategy; Nurturing as Strategy and Goal.

14. Separatism: When and How Long? Temporary Separatism; Lesbian Views on Separatism; Women of Color's Criticisms of Separatism; Continuing Reaffirmation of Separatism; Barbara and Beverly Smith on Separatism; Successive Waves of Separatists; The Separatists' Anti-Critique; Janice Raymond's Synthesis; Bernice Johnson Reagon: 'There is No Hiding Place..'; Coalitions; Both Separatism and Coalitions; Coalitions with Whom?; What Issues are Feminist?; Responding to the 1980s; Nationalism and Integrationism.

15. Violence and Non-Violence as Tactics Against Violence; Criticisms of Nonviolence; Why the Lack of Strategy?

16. What We Want, and How to Get There Plural Outcomes; Tactics: Linked to Goals?; Feminist Structures: Small Groups vs. Large Organizations; Can a Radical Feminist Recruit?; Conclusion.

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