Lesbian Origins: Table of Contents

"Lesbian Origins," by Susan Cavin

Introduction Heterosexism; Lesbianism; Lesbian feminism; Female society; Gynosociety; Prehistoric mysteries: the origin debates; Terminology; Sex ratios; Female sexuality; Straight; Homosex segregation; Heterosex integration; Chapter summaries; Part I: Sex theory; Part II: Cross-cultural sex data; Part III: Lesbian feminist praxis.

1. Sex Devolution: Sexual Ideology on the Origin of Women's Oppressions Demystifying sexual ideology; Hystory versus history; Patriscience is heterosexist; Link between the origin of society, origin of women's oppressions, and theory of liberation; The matriarchal school; Bachofen's evolutionary sequences; Engels' evolutionary sequences; 19th century 'predetermined evolution'; 20th century matriarchists; The patriarchal school; The ideology of patriarchy is: Patriarchy is progress; Who's who in evolution; Feminist analyses of male supremacy and women's oppression; Lesbian feminist criticism of hetero-feminists; Lesbian feminist theory of women's oppressions.

2. Lesbian Origins Sex theory of social origins; Lesbianism in earliest recorded history; Non-heterosexual origin myths; Lesbianism and human origin tabooed in patriarchy; Theory on the origin of women's oppression; Incest theory; Conclusion.

3. Amazon Origin Theories Classical Amazons of the old world; African Amazons; American Amazons; Negation of Amazon theories; Patriscientists tear out their beards over the Amazon phenomenon; Double standard of the patriscientists; Theories on the significance of Amazon societies; A lesbian feminist analysis of Amazons; Amazon conclusions.

4. Sex Ratio Theory Original sex ratio theory; Rape culture = high-male/low-female sex ratios; Review of relevant sex ratio literature; London Zoo catastrophe; Sex ratios of nonhuman living primates in the wild; Classical marxists' work on sex ratios; Anthropology and sex ratios; Theoretical conclusions regarding sex ratios.

5. High Female Societies Sex ratio hypotheses; Sex ratios in the real world: sample description; High female sex ratios; Hunters and gatherers have high female sex ratios; High female sex ratios associated with matrilocality; High female conclusions; Equal sex ratios; High-male/low-female conclusions; Theoretical interpretation of the data; Sex ratios of extinction? War and sex ratios; Conclusions.

6. Cross-Cultural Lesbianism Lesbian hypotheses; Patriscience's omission of lesbianism: unrecorded reality or recorded unreality; Method; Societies where lesbianism is reported; Lesbian sample: 30 societies; Lesbian results; Lesbianism if pre-industrial societies; Lesbianism occurs across all human settlement patterns; Marriage and family in societies reporting lesbianism; Lesbianism and class systems; Analysis of lesbian data; Lesbianism found among hunters and gatherers; Lesbianism found in pre-class society; Conclusion; 'Woman-marriage'; Woman-marriage in Africa; Woman-marriage in the Americas; Women-marriage prevents 'an unhappy old age'; Woman-marriage and lesbianism; Estimations of lesbian incidence; Lesbian orgasm.

7. Sex Separation Theory of sexual separation; Incest theory revisited; Transition to patriarchy; Female languages; Original sex separation; Sexual separation hypotheses; Post-partum sex taboos; Segregation of adolescent boys; Cross-tabulations between segregation of adolescent boys and post-partum sex taboos; Conclusions on adolescent and post-partum sexual separation; Patriarchy is geographically limited; Lesbian separatist theory of liberation and women's work; Sexual division of labor; Female agriculture; Both sexes equal.

8. Women's Liberations Theory of women's oppressions; Patriarchal takeovers; Incest; Theory of women's liberations; Sororal polygyny; High female sex ratios and female power; theoretical female power; Lesbian feminist power scale; Sex and society.

Appendix A: Cross-Tabulations of Sex Ratios, Sexuality, and Sex Segregation/Integration Sex ratios and sex segregation/integration; Sexuality and sex segregation/integration; Sex ratios and sexuality.

Appendix B: Methodology General sex research design; Methodological problems; Sex ratio methodology; Prehistoric sex ratios; Sex ratio calculations.

Appendix C: Tables

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