Break Their Haughty Power: Table of Contents

"Break Their Haughty Power: Joe Murphy in the Heyday of the Wobblies," by Eugene Nelson

1. Bill Haywood's Boy   2. A Real Wobbly

3. First Love   4. Centralia

5. Lawyer for the Damned   6. Dishes on the Roof

7. 'We're All Leaders’

8. There's a Beauty About Boxcars

9. Flying Squadron   10. The High Lonesome

11. Missouri   12. The Great Railroad Strike

13. An Objection to Despotism   14. The Labor Spy

15. Already in Hell   16. The Portland Revolution

17. The Dehorn Squad   18. To Sea!

19. From Vladivostok to Sydney   20. 'Such a Lot of Devils'

21. And Still the Wobblies Sang   22. 'Short Pay— Short Shovel'

23. Flying High   24. Helen Keller: 'Why I Became an IWW'

25. 'Jesus of the Lumber Workers'   26. The Glory Hole

27. It was my Camelot   28. The Split

29. Hold the Fort; 30. Keep on Trampin'

31. Driving with Debs; 32. A Glimmer of Hope

33. 'On to Colorado, Wobbly Rebels!'   34. The Girl in the Red Dress

35. A Pair of Slippers for the Saint   36. Boulder Dam

37. A Quiet Joy

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