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"Africa in Struggle," by Daniel Fogel

AFRICA IN STRUGGLE, by Daniel Fogel. Africa's liberation movements and counter-movements — from initial resistance against European colonial invasion through the major political upheavals since the second world war. $12.  

"Break Their Haughty Power: Joe Murphy in the Heyday of the Wobblies," by Eugene Nelson

BREAK THEIR HAUGHTY POWER: JOE MURPHY IN THE HEYDAY OF THE WOBBLIES, by Eugene Nelson. Biographical novel about a roving young IWW organizer in the 1920s. $16.   

"Esta puente, mi espalda," edited by Cherrie Moraga and Ana Castillo

ESTA PUENTE, MI ESPALDA, edited by Cherríe Moraga and Ana Castillo. Spanish translation and adaptation of This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color. Personal narratives, political essays, Latina feminist theory, poems (all in Spanish). $14.

"Junipero Serra, the Vatican, & Enslavement Theology," by Daniel Fogel

JUNIPERO SERRA, THE VATICAN, & ENSLAVEMENT THEOLOGY, by Daniel Fogel. Critical biography of Junípero Serra and the Spanish Catholic missions in California, focusing on the missions' cultural impact on California Indians. $9.

"Lesbian Origins," by Susan Cavin

LESBIAN ORIGINS, by Susan Cavin. Innovative lesbian feminist theory of women's oppression and women's liberation, based on cross-cultural data. $12.

"Love and Politics: Radical Feminist and Lesbian Theories," by Carol Anne Douglas

LOVE AND POLITICS: RADICAL FEMINIST AND LESBIAN THEORIES, by Carol Anne Douglas. Critically surveys a broad range of radical and lesbian feminist theory from the 1960s through the 1980s. $12.

"Take Back Your Power: A Working Woman's Response to Sexual Harassment," by Jennifer Coburn

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER: A WORKING WOMAN'S RESPONSE TO SEXUAL HARASSMENTby Jennifer CoburnPractical guide to combating sexual harassment, based on the author's personal experience and that of 100 women she interviewed$10.

"Revolution in Central America," by Daniel Fogel

REVOLUTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA, by Daniel Fogel. Political history of the revolutionary movements in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala  focusing on the Sandinista revolution and Salvadoran civil war. $6.

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